Improvisation as the Foundation of Creative Dance

Long Version

My master class title is: Improvisation as the foundation of Creative Dance. It leads to the concept of Interconnective Training. Interconnective Training is the use of different technical forms, such as floor work, body centering and travelling through space. This develops to composition through to choreography. The idea of this master class is to bring all these elements into one whole.
My philosophy is based on time, shape, space, motion and rhythm. Breaking the component parts down and bringing them back together, so the indivivual can better understand his/her personal movement signature and also subjectively communicate about it. Part of the communication is to understand positive critique with regard to the audience┬┤s relationship to the work.
As a choreographer you will be able to feel the temperament of the audience. You can understand when they are following your work completely and enjoying it and when certain parts of the work lead the audience to be unsatisfied, quesitioning certain aspects of it and understanding the audience┬┤s critical reservation.
This aspect is realized through understanding the ingredients and elements which you inject in your choreography. You can sense when you have elements that the audience gravitates towards or elements that the audience gravitates away from.This process brings sensitivity to your inner self as well as the audience that is watching.